Together we can help Ukraine

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Together we can help Ukraine

As many of you guys know, we are right next door to events in Ukraine. For sure it’s on everyone’s mind, however being here, seeing so many refugees and having so many Ukrainian friends really puts things in a different perspective. We had mixed feelings about launching a marketing campaign related to the conflict – the last thing we want is to be associated with trying to monetize on this tragic situation, but we feel it’s our responsibility to use the NS Bikes brand to shout out as loud as we can.


The decisive factor for us was seeing so many comments from Russian riders on social media who support the war… yes, it’s unthinkable so we really want to let the Russian cycling community know what we think.


We made a few hundred tee shirts that send the message, loud and clear. Get one of these in our online shop. For every T-Shirt sold, we will send double the amount of revenue towards aid for Ukraine. In other words, each € you spend will provide 2€ of aid which will be paid* here: https://www.siepomaga.pl/ukraina

  * does not include value of shipping