Dear Rondo customers,


Due to COVID-19 pandemic spread and having in mind highest standards of hygiene and safety for our employees, coworkers and last but not least you- our Clients, we have decided to implement major changes in our daily work.


Everyone who can is working from home. Others like warehouse or serivce is taking shift hours. When working  with bikes, our employees are keeping highest possible standards of hygiene. The aim of our efforts is that supply chain remains undisturbed thus, our products are available at all distributors and shops we trade with. 


If possible, we also encourage you to choose telephone or e-mail instead of visiting us in our office these days.


Having in mind that we are healthy lifestyle promotors, we would like to advise you to take reasonable approach to you activity. Choose well known trails where your confidence ensures safety. It is not time for group meetings, beating your personal records, learning new tricks. Follow the government restrictions, keep safe and wait patiently for better time.


Rondo crew