Tenerife s RUUT

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Tenerife s RUUT

Tenerife- the island full of the elements. Water, burning sun, stones, and sand. Each pretty easy to find almost in every corner of the island. There are not so many places on earth where you can find such a great-for-riding surface so close to each other. That is why we have decided to visit this beautiful, yet challenging land to discover it with our bikes. For our trip, we took both the Ruut and the HVRT, which gave us hours of exploration of completely unique and different places.


The Ruut CF1- the bike capable of going fast even in the roughest terrain. Thanks to the Flex Desing Concept, the frame works in line with the terrain and the rider, allowing to ride on the limit with a high volume of confidence.



As freeride skiers in high mountains, we looked for a place for a solo, powder-like ride. It took us a while to climb to the very top of the mountain, but the sandy hills we've chosen were just perfect for what we wanted to achieve that day.



Hills full of sand on the one end of the island and rocky hills covered with green bushes on the other side. You choose what sort of terrain you'd like to face with. We went for both!



Burning sun is also stunning at the very end of the day. So-called "golden hour" transforms the Tenerife land into Marsian-looking terrain.