Přivítejte Ruut Ti

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Přivítejte Ruut Ti

Diamonds are forever… unfortunately they are too brittle to build a bike. Instead we’ve chosen titanium that will also last a lifetime. It's one of the best materials for building frames - corrosion-resistant, almost infinite real-world fatigue strength, and delivers a unique smooth ride quality. At the same time it is light and stiff enough for proper racing fun! Well deserved "a bike for a lifetime" tag. By the way, it looks damn good too!

The Ruut Ti bikes are built around 3AL-2.5V (3% of aluminum and 2.5% of vanadium) titanium alloy also known as the grade 9 titanium. This alloy is most widely used in bicycle industry and is known for its excellent mechanical qualities that translates into brilliant riding experience. 


The bike on tubeless setup weighs around 8.65kg in M size. This featherlight weight is not only an effect of the used frame material, but also the top notch components: Rondo TwinTip carbon fork, Sram Force 1 complete groupset and Rondo carbon seatpost.


Ruut Ti's frame features fenders/rack mounts so the bike can be easily adapted for a longer journey in harsh weather conditions. 


Full specification and the bike's geometry can be found here