Brzdná technika s Brake Authority

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Brzdná technika s Brake Authority

Brake Authority is a french producer of brake pads. The guys from B-A really put a lot of effort and brain into their product development. 
Their brake pads are made and tested in a scientific laboratory (with simulated braking tests) and then approved on the field with a ‘human rider’ that witnesses of his impressions. Our Ruut AL bike was the "guinea pig" in their gravel bike brake pads field tests.

The video describes the final step of the testing protocole where the rider gives his impressions on the new blend of the brake pad, compares it to other ( unidentified ) pads and approves the new blend. The Ruut was equipped with some electronic sensors that capture heat, speed and brake pressure when the rider pulls the brake lever.
What's worth mentioning, apart from a superior breaking power, the pads are made with a unique blend of sintered metal that is also nickel free - toxic for human and the environment. So we give a big up for that!
Thanks for Tribe Sports Group (our French distributor) for sharing the video with us!