Behind the scenes of 2021 collection video

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Behind the scenes of 2021 collection video

2021 RONDO video- the making of


Who doesn't love to watch product videos of the latest bicycle collection of your most beloved brand? We all do, but have you ever wondered how such videos are produced?


To offer you the highest quality content, we've always been choosing the most inspiring and noteworthy people we know. We are lucky enough to have our life roads crossed with the Mova Film crew a few years back. Guys are professionals in their video creation business, producing short online ads to TV commercials. We were more than convinced, that we want our 2021 collection captured by them.


The concept of each video was to make unique shots on a dark background and make the light the only factor revealing bikes' details. This required a team of nearly 10 people- director, guys responsible for camera, light, focus, colours and us, who were leading the list of shots and details we wanted to show you. 


There were plenty of challenges we had to face with. Each colour of the bike required a different light set up. Ruut, Bogan or HVRT do not have the same wheelbase, so we had to adjust the stand, which was extremely tricky part and took us a lot of time. And so on, and so on...



Visit our YouTube channel to see the 2021 bike shots! Enjoy!