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The Ruut range was born from the need to have a REALY versatile bike. One that would be comfortable enough for backpacking and long distance riding, but at the same time would retain a clearly sporty character.


At Rondo we are all competitive guys - we ride fast, we race - but we don't need a bike for the CX World's. What we want from a drop bar bike is to be able to go long, and go fast - especially on rough roads. So, after over two years of development, we came up with a tool that we believe is the ultimate solution for real-world riders. 


To start with, the RUUT CF is built around a lightweight carbon frame with some unique features created by an awarded team of bike designers. The lateraly rigid front triangle will transfer all your energy during those out of the saddle sprints, whereas the compliant rear end with flex points on seat stays, top tube and seat tube will take the edge off potholes and bumps - to the extent that we noticed some riders actually checking if there isn't a big volume MTB tire sitting on their rear wheel! In other words, the RUUT CF is perfect for covering long distance off road, but there is no compromise at all in power transmission.


The next significant innovation is the award winning, carbon TwinTip fork that allows you to adjust the geometry to your personal preferences and riding style. The HI position setting, with steeper angles, smaller trail and a lower riding position will be the choice for racing and dynamic, sporty riding. The alternative fork setting gives the bike slacker angles, longer trail and a slightly more relaxed riding position, making it ideal for long distance adventure riding, endurance training or commuting. Go fast or go long. You choose.


The beautiful frame sets are equipped with simple and efficient Sram 1x group sets and beefy Gravelking Panaracer tires mounted on wide rims. Despite their size, these amazing tires roll perfectly on tarmac and work great on all off road surfaces - be it soft mud, rocky gravel or even snow.


The Eurobike award and countless positives from the world's journalists have confirmed that Rondo has really brought something new to the table. With their unmissable branding, beautiful industrial design and unique features, we can humbly, but confidently say that the by introducing the RUUT CF we have given people a good reason to believe that the future is indeed beyond tarmac.


Learn more about the: Ruut CF1 and Ruut CF2.