The new RUUT AL1

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The new RUUT AL1

Ruut AL1 - Rondo tough workhorse gets to higher school and, well, things are getting nerdy. Flex shaped frame, clever tubing, more tire clearence and unlimited packing options makes our RUUT AL1 one of the best students in the class.


RUUT AL1 version gets TwinTip 2.0 fork made with FLY technology. Lighter, horizontally stiffer and offering more vertical compliance edition of Rondo’s trademark fork with full set of racks and bottle cages mounts.


Frame gets lighter and comfier with a ground-up redesign. Custom, beautifully hydro formed front fork tubing, new forged CS yoke, wide PF bottom bracket for maximum horizontal stiffness and tire clearance and flattened stays profile and s-bend shape for increased bump compliance. We've use bridge-less seat-says design with custom fender mount for clean look and practical usage.