The 2x10 RUUT range

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The 2x10 RUUT range

This is what true gravel bike brands like RONDO should be proud of. The RUUT range is now extended with the bikes equipped with the front derailleur. This means more versatility, a wider gear ratio and further opportunities for the riders who need nearly unlimited gears in tough terrain. Please welcome the RONDO RUUT CF2 2x and Ruut AL1 2x.



The concept behind the 2x RUUTs was simple. These bikes have been purposely built for cyclists that race throughout the seasons on and off-road, for those that ride thousands of kilometres each year, commute to work, and tear up the trails with friends on the weekend. With specific designs and features for adventure and endurance, these are the bikes for the everyday rider, the avid racer, and the adrenaline junkie. Riders will appreciate the bike’s fast rolling tyres, 2X drivetrain with a big range, and dense gears. The RUUT CF 2 2X weighs 9.65kg and the RUUT AL 1 2X weighs 10.3kg*.

The classic RUUT range features the world’s first Vario Geometry Gravel design and is the brand’s most aggressive off-road bike, designed for real-world riders with a need for speed and versatility. With the Ruut AL1 2x and CF2 2x the range increases to six bikes within this category.

What is more, the carbon fiber CF2 2x received the same Flex Design concept as the 1x10 RUUT CF. Special shape of the seatstays and the lowered seat post mounting point provides more vertical compliance to the rear triangle of the bike.



The RONDO RUUT CF2 2x is the bridled version of the well-known brand’s bestseller- the RUUT CF. What stands behind the bar is the lighter use purpose for those, who need a less extreme, solid, and light gravel bike. This new ride for 2021 is based on the same frame as the classic 1x11 RUUT but now receives 2x10 Shimano GRX group set, which make the bike even more versatile and at the same time opens new roads for off road riders.



The RUUT CF2 2x bike is designed not only for off road adventures and Women in mind, but also for riders with a need for speed and versatility. This new build is fitted with a Shimano GRX 400 2x10 group set specifically for rough roads and gravel. The 46/30 crankset and 11-36 cassette offer both wide range and closely spaced gears. The wheelset is finished with lightweight and fast rolling road- orientated tyres for a smooth ride.




The RUUT AL1 2x is a more road-friendly version of the RUUT and thanks to the more affordable price point it is built for beginner gravel riders as well. This model is an aluminum framed all-rounder, perfect for discovering new places on the rider’s doorstep. The RUUT AL1 2x is the answer for the constantly developing gravel market needs. The RUUT AL 1 2x is capable of going the distance thanks to its wide range 2x10 Shimano GRX drivetrain. It has also been equipped with fast-rolling WTB tyres for ultimate mixed surface riding. Ideal for long distances, bikepacking, and winter training. This is a true do-it-all machine.