Introducing the RUUT CF2 All Black!

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Introducing the RUUT CF2 All Black!

Once you go black, there's not coming back! 

There is a funny thing about bikes graphic designing. You can come up with the most wicked patterns, colors and designs that everybody will love, give KUDOS and all. The same people will later go to a bike shop and choose - yes, you are correct - exactly NOT that bike. They'll choose the black one. It's (almost) always like that. 


Graphic design is one of our trade marks and the factor that makes us stand out from the crowd, so we initially refused to make a "typical"  bike. But the feedback from our customers has done it's job and here it is - the Ruut CF2 in all black version! 


Obviously, we could not leavie it simply black so you'll find a touch of "madness" in the bike's set up - BMX inspired oil slick parts. All that makes a pretty special package, that will let you leap off the page, while still riding a bike in everybody's favorite color.


The new version of the RUUT CF2 has all the prize winning features, such as TwinTip fork, flex design rear triangle, massive tire clearance and sporty geometry.


The Ruut CF2 in all black version are already available through our dealers and distributors network. Check out the a few snippets from our latest trip to Planet Tatooine/Fuerteventura Island in the gallery below (more on that to come). To learn about the Ruut CF2 - go to the bike's product page