Introducing BOGAN- isolate and explore

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Introducing BOGAN- isolate and explore

Load it up! Break loose!

If you are you’re an adventurer, the Bogan will take you to the most remote location. If you live for freedom, and want a ride for bike-camping and hardcore off-road touring this is the bike for you. Designed in collaboration with many riders from the bike-packing community, this bike was built for serious exploration.




With geometry optimised for stability on rough roads and comfort over distance and real-world travelers inspired ingenious features like carry handle for easy portage especially when the bike is equiped with heavy full frame bag, its a perfect tool that can take you to the places beyond your imagination.

Bogan's frame is made of high quality, custom butted Tange Champion cromo tubes, which give the rider unique ride feel and guarantees years of hassle free operation.   

Water bottle mounts inside frame triangle as well as on the top tube located to optimise volume of frame bag and multitude of attachment points for easy fitment of any rack on the market – take any stuff you need to stay safe and sound on your epic adventure. RONDO Bogan ST is also dropper post and 2x drivetrain compatible, so you can fine tune the build to your personal preferences.


Bogan's frame features multiple racks, bags and cages mouting options, while the TwinTip fork allows the rider to choose from two geometry options. 


Thanks to the unique TwinTip fork you can change your position and adjust the steering character of the bike. Choose between a low position and snappy handling, or a more upright position and relaxed steering. To check how the bike geometry changes in different fork settings - click hereWhat's more, the TwinTip fork features tripple cage mounts on both blades, so if you need more cargo space up front - the Bogan is ready for it.


The Bogan is fitted with components that are reliable and easy to fix on the road. These include a Sram Apex 1x drivetrain, reliable mechanical TRP Spyre disc brakes, 29 Rondo alloy wheels on grippy WTB Nano tires.