The first variable geometry gravel bike frameset in the world.

The Ruut range was born from the need to have a REALLY versatile bike. One that would be comfortable enough for backpacking and long distance riding, but at the same time would retain a clearly sporty character.  What we want from a drop bar bike is to be able to go long, and go fast - especially on rough roads. So, after over two years of development, we came up with a tool that we believe is the ultimate solution for real-world riders.



The award winning, super versatile road bike frameset

The HVRT is the world’s first variable geometry, road-plus ready road bike. This is an all out race bike, first and foremost. Don't let its additional features throw you off track. No compromises have been made in this area. It's responsive and aggressive. However, since most of us do other things on our bikes than race the TdF, we built in some unique solutions that will make this bike your best everyday companion.